Hello! My Name is Ale and I’m an angler. I love the sea, the sun, the salt water, and the adrenaline rush I get from fishing. I was introduced to fishing by my boyfriend. We bought a boat to be able to free-dive more often, then we bought a few fishing rods and supplies and before we knew it we were hooked!

People kept saying fishing was a sport for men, but how could that be when I loved it so much?

I nagged and nagged to get a pink rod. I wanted some girl representation in this manly sport.

It was hard, but we found one, then I wanted pink line, pink lures … I mean, it became an obsession to represent female power on the ocean and do it in style.

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All of the fishing stores would carry a lot of men’s clothing and supplies, but what about us ladies? I went on a mission, to find all the lady accessories and clothing fit for ladies like me who love to fish.

When we were looking for the pink, one guy at the store said: Do you want to catch fish or do you want to be in style? …..like I had to choose!? I said “I want to catch fish WHILE being in style” …



and that’s when Fishing For Ladies was born.

Welcome to my world, Welcome to Fishing For Ladies, where we don’t have to choose between catching fish and doing it in style. We hope you find what you are looking for!