Special Edition
Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer Fishing Lure, 1-Inch, Holographic Pink

New holographic tape and colored eyes have been added to the popular Kokanee Killer lure with EChip. The embedded EChip bait technology duplicates the electrical nerve discharge of live bait, which triggers strikes by nearby predators. The size 1.0...

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Boone Big Game Trolling Skirt (Pack of 2), Blue Silver Pink Stripes, 9 1/2-Inch

Boone produces the best trolling skirts in the world. Our squid skirts come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Use Boone skirts for your trolling needs.Boone BIG GAME TROLLING SKIRTS 2...

$9.69 as at 22:25 UTC. (Details)
Brad's Killer Fishing Gear Wiggler

The Brad's Wiggler series crank baits are a superb action diving/floating crank bait utilizing two piece molded construction for superior strength and durability to meet the demands from the most avid fisherman. Can be fished by trolling, plunking...

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Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 3.55.24 PM

The Greatest Fish Catcher of All Time If you were a FISH, you'd insist that Panther Martin lures are unfair because they're so tantalizing and downright irresistible. And you might be right. After all, Panther Martin lures REALLY CATCH FISH. Not...

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Boone UV Hoochie Rig, Pink Purple Stripe

Boone produces the best UV Hoochie Rigs in the world. Our skirts come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Use Boone skirts for your trolling needs.Boone UV HOOCHIE...

$8.03 as at 18:35 UTC. (Details)
Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30 Fishing Lure, Purple Albino

The massive diving-lip takes the X-Rap Magnum deep. Just pure Rapala action from 15-30 Feet. Like all Rapala Lures, these run perfect right out of the box. No tuning neccesary. These bad boys can be run up to 13 knots for big game fish worldwide.The...

Special Edition
Snag Proof 903 Leech (Purple, 0.15-Ounce)

Big bass and pike love the Snag Proof Leech. Weighted tail and reflex body makes it swim like a real leech or hellgrammite. Deadly writhing action. Mustad #1 Ultrapoint double hook. Weight: 1/8 ounce; 3-1/2 inches.For big bass and...

$11.34 as at 18:35 UTC. (Details)
Berkley GSSM6-PK Gulp Saltwater Swimming Mullet Bait, Pink, 6-Inch

This swimming mullet bait is ideal for all saltwater species. Features realistic head and body design. Natural presentation in action, scent and taste. Irresistible swimming tail action. Rapid scent dispersion attracts fish from greater range. Gulp...

$4.47 as at 18:35 UTC. (Details)