Kershaw 1620 Pink Scallion Knife

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The Scallion is ideal for knife users who prefer a slightly larger knife than the Chive, but one that’s still compact, features great styling, and performs like a champ. It’s 3 1/2 inch folded size makes it perfect for everyday pocket carry. What’s more, it offers high-performance styling, plus the convenience of SpeedSafe ambidextrous manually assisted opening. Just pull back on the blade protrusion or use the thumb-stud for easy SpeedSafe opening. As with all Kershaw SpeedSafe knives, the torsion bar holds the blade safely in the handle until the user releases it. And it won’t allow the blade to fall back into the handle until the user pushes it into place. For additional safety, the Safety Tip Lock keeps the blade secure even when carried in a pocket. For good edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance, the blade is manufactured of high-carbon 420CH stainless steel. For lighter weight, the Scallion series features colorful anodized aluminum or Polyimide handles. For added convenience, all Scallions come with a removable pocket clip for easy carrying.Compact; Features great styling and performs like a champ