Okuma Fishing Tackle BF-40 Trio Standard Speed Bait Feeder Spinning Reel

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Spinning reels are incredibly easy to use, with exception of bait techniques that call for either free-swimming live bait, or allowing fish to eat and swim away with a dead or dough bait without feeling any resistance. In these scenarios, standard spinning reels are problematic because the bail is either open or closed offering no control at all, or a drag system that is fully engaged. New Trio Bait feeders solve the issue by allowing the drag system to be completely disengaged with the bail closed. Operation of Okuma’s patented bait feeding system is simple. On the rear of the reel a switch fully disengages the gears and drag system from the spool. A secondary micro-click drag system governs how freely line is made available to the bait, preventing overruns. Biting fish are allowed to move freely while total control is maintained over both the line and the reel. One turn of the reel handle automatically disengages the bait feeding system and instantly re-engages the drive and drag system. Just like standard Trio and Trio High Speed families, Trio Bait feeders feature Okuma’s remarkable Crossover Construction technology. Crossover Construction utilizes lightweight graphite construction that’s bolstered with solid aluminum in critical stress areas. The result is immense power in a light, comfortable and strikingly finished reel. Trio Bait feeders include all of the signature strength and smoothness features that are the hallmarks of the broad Trio family.HDGII: Corrosion-resistant, High Density gearing