Panther Martin Spinners

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The Greatest Fish Catcher of All Time

If you were a FISH, you’d insist that Panther Martin lures are unfair because they’re so tantalizing and downright irresistible. And you might be right. After all, Panther Martin lures REALLY CATCH FISH. Not just sometimes, but consistently.Unique Shaft through Blade Design creates Easiest and Fastest Spinning Action in the World.

  • Unique Shaft through Blade Design creates Easiest and Fastest Spinning Action in the World
  • Convex/Concave Blades Send out Sonic Vibrations that are Irresistable to Fish
  • Heavy Weighted Bodies Cast like Bullets and Go Down Deeper
  • Super Sharp Premium Quality Hooks Keep Fish Caught

Various  Panther Martin Spinner sizes and designs available

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Panther Martins… we all love them, especially when trout fishing.  These inline spinners are incredible and with the new introduction of the Holographic lures, we now have something “different” in our tackle box to target wary trout. Like the other Panther Martin spinners, the Holographics spin every time, perform well in different water conditions, and can be retrieved in many different ways. The exciting holographic design don’t just reflect light differently, they flash and shine so brilliantly they inspire wild action. This fresh spin on an old favorite increases the effectiveness on what was already a winning design.